About Beaumont Music

Hi All!

I’m Thea Paraskevaides and I’ve been a keen flautist for over 20 years. Before creating the Beaumont brand, my partner, Tim Walker, and I use to refurbish and sell second-hand instruments. We noticed that every single instrument case and accessory was the same; black or grey! But why, we believe everyone has their own music and their own style.

It was a light bulb moment; we just knew there was a gap in the market and we could fill it. The industry is by nature so creative; it was such a huge contradiction. Musicians should be proud of their instruments and they deserve their own freedom of expression and fashion.

A case or bag’s primary function is to transport your instrument safely. Our products stand alone in that people are proud to own them, they allow them to stamp a bit of their own personality on their instrument, their music, their style! The last thing a polishing cloth should be is boring grey or cream, the most tedious of tasks needs something with a bit of energy and fun about it. We know this because we have sold them in their thousands since we launched them.

Why be confined by someone else’s preconceptions it’s all about ‘Your Music, Your Style’

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At the ‘Beaumont Store’ everyone can find their own style! #yourmusicyourstyle #stopanimation
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Flute players, if you could put any existing microfibre design on a flute swab, which would it be? #flute #yourmusicyourstyle Thanks to @rachel_ombredane for the picture
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One of the most beautiful melodies - Le Cygne or ‘The Swan’ by Saint-Saëns arranged here for cello and harp. Performed by the talented @clairemarie.cello and her mother! Stunning! #cellist #harp #saintsaens
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Happy Monday! Hope you all had a fantastic weekend. We don’t have any snow here in Brighton, the rest of the country does! #piccolo #giraffe #flute
Happy Friday to all our lovely followers, old and new! Enjoy your weekends whatever you may be doing. 👋🏼 Thea, Tim & the crew #friyay
Am I the only one who finds the harp pretty mesmerising? We love watching videos by @emmanuel_ceysson - go check his profile and enjoy his lip syncing in the pit 😝 #harp
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It’s happening... #blacksparkle #comingsoon
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It’s a really busy time for Beaumont right now; lots of preparations for the holidays! Is it a busy period for you too? #beaumontmusic
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Now that’s multitasking!!! 😧 ‘Happy’ by @pmjofficial featuring @gunhildcarling - watch til the end! #trumpet #wow #talent
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Good morning and Happy Monday to our followers! We were so excited to reach 9000 of you this weekend. It’s so fun to be part of this community and we love seeing how much you enjoy using our products. It really means the world to us ❤️ thanks so much! #yourmusicyourstyle #beaumontmusic
It’s Christmas!!! Check out this gorgeous Christmas tree dress 😍 spotted down at @sussextrees - I couldn’t help but jump in Santa’s sleigh and play with the reindeer! #sussextrees @sendmeachristmastree
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Basically, she’s just fabulous! We came across Lauren and her double bass practising Mozart 35. Can’t. Stop. Watching. @bassicallyfabulous #doublebass #mozart

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